Restoring an Historic Building in Lubbock or Midland, TX?

Call us for historic millwork replication

Are you restoring an historic building in Lubbock, TX or the surrounding area? Many features of historic buildings cannot be found in stores today. When you need to recreate the treasures of the past in an historic home or building, contact Salt Fork Woodworks LLC. We specialize in historic millwork replication and have the expertise to recreate any wood feature of an historic building. Our capabilities include:
  • Custom wood doors
  • Custom molding
  • Windows
  • Judge's benches
  • Audience seating
  • Tables and chairs

We have the knowledge and experience to make a variety of custom wood features for your historic building in one of the sister cities of Lubbock or Midland, TX. Contact us today to talk with us about your project, and we'll restore your building to its former glory.