Why Choose Custom Pieces?

Salt Fork Woodworks LLC has been crafting remarkable furniture, counters, and architectural details for over 15 years. Our expertise with special projects sets us apart from the big-box stores.

How Custom-Built Furniture Can Benefit Your Business and Home:

It's not surprising when business owners and homeowners are disappointed by the lack of selection (and character) at local furniture retailers. Mass-produced and cheap pieces do not resonate the same way custom does.

Premium Lumber

Most stores carry pieces crafted from particle board or other cheap materials. Salt Fork Woodworks LLC uses premium-grade wood and materials to create products that last a lifetime.

Your Taste

Regardless of the materials or the craftsman put into them, ready-made furniture pieces are not built for YOU and your preferences. Working with our team allows your vision to come to life and tie into your home's or business' aesthetic.

Complementary to Other Design Elements

If you are looking for harmonious design elements, custom is the way to go. It can be challenging to match or complement existing furniture or architectural details, especially when shopping at major retailers. Handmade and custom-designed pieces allow you to create a completely unique and cohesive look.

The Right Size and Shape

Custom-made pieces can accommodate unique layouts, curves, and unusual room dimensions.